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Formaing weapons and frames reset all configs back to no mods


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TYPE: Ingame

DESCRIPTION: Since sisters of parvos update I've been having a bug where I'll forma a frame or a weapon, log off for a bit and come back to find weapon/frame configs completely blank. I know that at time w/ insufficient mod capacity 1-2 mods can get removed after applying a forma but it seems as if every mod including arcanes get removed.

VISUAL: Tenet Detron I forma'd last night 

Tenet Tetra Pre-Forma

Tenet Tetra Post-Forma

Example Video

REPRODUCTION: Forma any weapon or Frame, Press Alt-F4 to exit game, Log back into game, Go into upgrades of Forma'd weapon or frame

EXPECTED RESULT: After applying forma and logging off, 1-2 mods should be removed for mod cap, rest of mods still stay

OBSERVED RESULT: All mods removed from weapon/frame after the forma

REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% of the time

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Well, it is odd that some stuff is saving to the server like the forma addition in the video, but the last equipped frame and mods are being dropped. However using ALT+F4 to improperly close the game is obviously not letting it get all the data sent back to the server in a proper manner.

FWIW your Tenet pre and post Tetra screenshots both show 5 forma at the top, so it looks like it didn't actually save the forma use there, else you perhaps grabbed the wrong screenshots.

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