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allow us to equip step and body ephemeras together


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i really love ephemeras in this game and it seems we are getting new ones in all major updates (good, i want more), i want to be able to equip a step and body ephemera together.

for example i think the spore ephemera should be converted to two different ephemeras, i love the the body part which resembles dark souls invaders but the feet part doesn't look good in my opinion. others might only like the step part and don't want the body part, let us have more options.

also some ephemeras like smoke body ephemera only can be colored with one color, please do a pass on these and make them consistent with others in the game.

while i'm at it there was a plan on being able to equip all ephemars on companions but we are still stuck with the ones from liches/sisters.

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