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Can't complete Volatile Railjack Missions


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I've been trying to do Volatile Railjack missions but every time I kill the engineer, the yellow waypoint would disappear. I've looked up in YouTube tutorials and it seems I've been doing exactly as they did. It frustrates me that I can't move on or even play those missions to be honest. So I do the whole mission and lose everything at the very end just because the waypoint decided not show up. 

Please let me know if there's something new to this that I didn't know.

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On 2021-08-05 at 6:36 AM, (XBOX)R3d P01nt said:

Can you provide some more detail?  Engineers show up as red markers.  The yellow waypoints are spots that you need to shoot to vent the heat and allow the hack to continue.

Whoops, sorry for the late reply. Yeah, after I kill the engineer that had the red marker, the game then told me to shoot the indicated heat vents but there was no yellow waypoint. Then the 15 second countdown automatically happened and I lost.

I was doing this mission in solo mode by the way.

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