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so much to do in warframe = Confusion to players


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warframe has a lot of content that people can enjoy, but the problem is not known that the content or the mission exist!! , for example ive been playing warframes alot not knowing that Helminth is even a thing!!! i think DE should make an in game list thats organized and it shows ALL the things you can do in warframe, from doing missions to playing void fissures to doing kuva lichs to doing quests to playing the index or arena or feeding your helminth or fighting eidolon or profit taker or farming syndicates standing or nightwave daily missions or deimos vaults and the list goes on and on, and this list will help

1. give information to new players that (this something exist in warframe and you can do it)

2.Help and give guidance to players who are stuck and confused on what to do next after enjoying or farming something

3. Make the game more enjoyable to people who like to 100% a game by doing everything on the list one by one

and many more benefits can come from this list, guidance on what to do or what you Can do in warframe is necessary otherwise people might get board doing the same thing they know exist or hate the game because they cant keep up with what you can do and what you cant do and just play simple game like apex sense its shooter too

please please consider this suggestion because it might change how people enjoy warframe to the better for ever <33333

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There are lots of interesting things to discover, learn, and become better at the longer you play the game.

This isn't really a game you 100%. I mean you can do all the quests, challenges, and collect all the items. But there are always new things being added on, so there's always more. There are rivens, which you can't hold onto as many as there are weapons in the game and while you may get really really good stats on them, they'll never be 'perfect' and they also change over time.

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