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Brief Yareli tweaks to bring her up to par


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I think she's in a place where it wouldn't take many changes to make her good enough. After a lot of testing for Yareli, here's what I believe she could use:

  • Aquablades - Have the blades rotate faster and hit more rapidly based on the character's current speed, landing hits extremely rapidly at high speed. The blades are currently most lethal when standing still, but that doesn't fit Yareli or Warframe gameplay as a whole. If we tie it to speed, not only does it get great synergy with Yareli, it also gets lots of interesting use with other frames, since it is her helminth subsume power. Imagine it with Gauss and Zephyr, or frames who lock on and dash towards enemies like Excalibur and Atlas. Let Grendel's meatball be a blender too!
  • Riptide - Increase its active duration similar to Strangledome, and retain the current wide pull force on initial cast but keep it modest afterwards. Riptide has great potential synergy with Sea Snares bringing it more targets, but it's got no time to take advantage of it. Likewise, Yareli could boost through it with the proposed Aquablades changes if she's allowed to move while Riptide is active. The shorter pull force after the initial cast is to keep it from being a no-brainer Vortex clone; use Sea Snares to keep it interesting. Maybe even let Yareli get a boost or tidal wave effect if she rides Merulina through an active Riptide, so it stays useful when she's on the move!
  • Sea Snares - Works well as-is for being such a cheap cast, but it currently won't attempt to attack enemies that it can't pick up. It might as well provide the damage in all cases even if it can't snare them.
  • Merulina -
    • It either doesn't fit or just barely fits in most places. Making the total collision height while riding be the same as a standing frame should solve that issue. It also tends to fall into gaps that a standing frame couldn't. I've fallen out of a corpus capital ship before and got booted back into space because I slipped through the cracks while riding.
    • Same issue as Grendel's pulverize: small environment details will steal all your momentum. If they could both have the same smooth transition over details that walking and running get, that'd be a godsend.
    • Very little about Yareli's mods actually matters for Merulina, and that makes her modding potential become very boring since she spends almost all her time on Merulina. She can even trigger on-hit effects like Adaptation and Arcane Guardian while riding, but it makes no difference to the damage Merulina receives. Currently it seems like Merulina is only supposed to receive damage when it touches Yareli's health, but Merulina starts absorbing damage even when Yareli's shields are still up. Yareli still takes health damage sometimes while Merulina is active, and it seems to happen most often when enemies activate their own skills. I've also gotten the pistol + glaive dual stance active while riding and while that's not supposed to happen, it does successfully do melee blocking - but that doesn't matter to Merulina, it still eats damage as if nothing happened. It feels like we're discouraged from doing anything clever for Yareli's builds build.
    • We were all disappointed that we can't mod Merulina itself. Even if the mod choices are restricted, we still want to mod it. Those of us who like K-Drives despite their irrelevance in the face of Archwing were excited to use it in normal levels since it wouldn't have to compete with flight on that stage, but it took the wind out of our sails when we saw how basic it actually was.
  • Passive - +200% critical chance means that all sidearms that can't make good use of criticals are ruled out. K-Driving itself already limits the arsenal, so it's a bummer when Yareli's passive splits that even more. It'd be a different story if the passive was additive critical chance instead of multiplicative, but if it were, a more reasonable number would be around +45% like Arcane Avenger. Frankly I'd just like to see an entirely different passive that doesn't rule out any weapon as a baseline bad fit.
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