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Ropalolyst Experience


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I'm a returning player catching up on content and this stands out for how confused it is in comparison to all the great new content I've done.

I want to start off by saying I love the fight and the story of the fight. My first run was mostly great. However, there are some really core flaws that have since soured me on what is so close to a good boss fight.


The Dialogue:

It's the best boss speech in the game hands down. Its something that absolutely should be given space to be absorbed. Making the transmission box even bigger does not give it the space it needs. Warframe is a fast game and trying to move the immense distance between spawn and fight with a huge face on the screen is just frustrating and makes the dialogue fail. 

The Cutscenes:

The context action cutscenes are mostly fine the same animation 3 times per fight gets old but is fine. But the boss intro and exit cutscenes are inexplicably unskippable even in solo. This is a fight that drops a warframe (which for some reason has the blueprint as a drop instead of on the market like every other starchart boss) so was meant to be repeatable so why is this the case?


I am also consistently experiencing a bug in which the final weakpoint will regen to full health if I don't kill it in one magazine (Using a rubico prime that I need to forma). I hope this is a bug because it isnt telegraphed the health just randomly jumps between yellow and grey and is suddenly full again. The other bug that has been hurting the experience is that when escaping the grab attack I sometimes can use my operator immediately which feels cool, but sometimes I just cant do anything and the boss just stands there for 10 seconds before I can get myself out with operator.


Convert the dialogue to a cutscene. Having it all over your screen while you parkour is not helping it and just makes both experiences worse. 

Cut the long walk to the boss fight. just spawn close to it after the suggested talking cutscene.


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