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Should I get Chroma and Zephyr prime, or wait for Rhino and nyx?



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4 часа назад, (PSN)slightconfuzzled сказал:

where you are in your Warframe journey.

Mark on an avatar says they are new. Forum profile says account created 9-ish days ago. So I imagine not that far.

On the topic though, don't buy anything. As people mentioned, those are farmable anyways and you should probably spend your time to get a firm grip on the game first so you don't regret spending those money later. Prime warframes are ofc better than regulars, but not invalidating those. In general gameplay you'll not even notice the difference outside of needing 1-2 more forma for the build (sometimes not even that). Shiny parts and Baro not sh*tting on you every time you visit him are nice bonuses.

Get any relics, run fissures every so often and maybe you can grab all of those from other's relic drops. I got myself a number of weapons this way.

If you want accessories then it's entirely different matter, but still I'd say wait for those to happen again, unvaults are not a one-time deal, they will return at some point. And if you'll still feel like spending money, all power to ya.

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Uhh depends really. What you want from purchasing and where you are in your Warframe journey.

For example, have you played with the default versions of Rhino, Chroma, Nyx and Zephyr? If you have, and had a favourite, not a bad idea to get the Prime version. If you haven't, then say Rhino and Rhino Prime by extension, is pretty popular and recommended early game Warframe. He is very tanky, and generally good for a lot of content, will get you through the star chart, very solid. Rhino Prime can be a bit expensive to purchase compared to most other Warframe's via trading with other players. So... if Rhino Prime is unvaulted, not a bad choice. 

Alternatively, the weapons and accessories that come with Chroma and Zephyr are some of the most popular and powerful in general. Kronen Prime is one of the best melee, 
and Rubico Prime is one of the best weapons, or depending on certain activities, like Eidolon's the best weapon. Gram Prime isn't as good as it use to be, but its still well liked and popular. So if you have played normal Chroma and like him the most, and you'd like some powerful weapons, also not a bad choice. 

Here's the thing though. You'll also get a fair bit of discounted platinum with such packs, and if you are okay with trading with people, you'll get enough Platinum to get everything in the packs anyway except the Accessories. So you could just look up the accessories and decide of that, then use the Platinum to but stuff that you don't get outright. 

Hope that helps! Feel free to ask questions that might help. 

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If you're a new player, I would highly recommend not buying anything until you've played for awhile.  You can earn all of the non-prime Warframes in the game, and playing with the non-Prime version will tell you everything you need to know about whether you'll like playing the Prime version because their gameplay is identical (with the exception of minor stat boosts for Primes).  Then you'll know that when you spend actual money on a Prime, you're getting a Warframe you know you'll love.

That said, if you're just looking for a solid starter Warframe, Rhino is probably the one you want.  He help team do big damage and he make himself very hard to kill, even if you don't have many mods to work with.  Rhino can get into the fray or shoot from afar, he really doesn't care; he's going to be fine no matter what.

Zephyr is probably the second best on the list.  She can make a barrier for herself that prevents projectiles from hitting her entirely, and also has some good crowd-control and damaging abilities.  She also can move around open-world areas incredibly quickly without an Archwing or K-drive.  It takes a bit more effort and attention to play Zephyr though, as she is vulnerable to melee and AoE attacks, which makes her more of a "caster" type frame compared to Rhino's "warrior" style.

Chroma is a good warrior-style frame, but he's incredibly energy hungry, which may be a problem if you are a newer player and don't have lots of tools to get more energy.  He is technically better in many situations than Rhino, but only barely, and Rhino has more utility and flexibility.  Chroma's whole thing is that if you damage him, his defense goes up and his attack goes up.  But you have to keep casting his abilities to maintain these benefits.  Not a bad choice, but not one I would recommend to someone unless they were really intent on doing very specific types of content and wanted to be super optimal instead of just good.

Nyx is a caster, and unfortunately hard to recommend.  She's got the absolute best armor-stripping ability in the game, but she's super squishy and is a chore to keep alive.  She has crowd-control but it's not guaranteed to work, even if it's cool.  Like any Warframe, you can make her work for you, but it will take much more effort than any of the other frames on this list.

Hope this helps!

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as in buy? NEITHER.

as in grind? BOTH.


play to win.

not pay to skip playing.


but seeing how new you are, the more strategic method would be to buy current unvaulting because it's close to ending, then take your time to learn the grind on next unvaulting.
current unvaulting is just too good too pass. the warframes are okay, but the real treasures are the weapons: gram, rubico, and the kronen. "THE" KRONEN.

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