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Marked for death on Inaros's Desiccation


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Does Marked for Death not work with inaros's stun for a reason?  I cast desiccation then I cast marked for death,  Mfd applies and un-applies almost instantly.
When I cast MFD then desiccation, Desiccation takes priority over MFD which stops MFD. Ive managed to make it work, but the timing is too short to get perfect at a consistent rate. I've tested MFD on excal, and it seems to work just fine with the stun in his kit, so I'm very confused is this a bug or an intended feature? do some powers just not work on certain frames just because? I have thought of this build for a while and finally decided to make it, but it doesn't work and that is disheartening. I do hope I'm just overlooking something, I'm not the smartest guy.

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