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Thrall Parazon Kill Triggers Crash to Desktop


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While it doesn't seem to happen with every Thrall. I have been routinely experiencing a sudden crash to desktop when performing a Parazon kill on a downed Thrall.

  • The animation that seems most prone to triggering this is the over-the-shoulder, spinning stab.
    • Alternative animations, such as the behind the back slash does not seem to trigger a crash. Neither does the more distant back/spinal stab. 
      • I don't recall it happening against a Lich. Thankfully. 
      • The crash seems to happen when the Thrall dies too close to a wall and that animation is picked. 
    • I can tell it's crashed because the screen typically becomes one solid color and all audio pauses shortly thereafter. Then I am back on the desktop.
    • I am playing with the Classic, non-Enhanced version of the graphics settings. I can play on the Enhanced Settings without issue, I simply choose not to use them. 
      • My settings remain consistently stable in every other aspect of the game. 
      • I am the host and playing a Solo mission. 
      • It does not seem to be dependent on a mission type. I've had this crash on Mobile Defense, Capture, and Extermination missions. 
    • I cannot capture any screenshots of the event because it doesn't always happen. I have little to no warning. 
  • I do not get the Crash Reporter. 

I don't believe this happens with Hounds, however, I have had at least 6-7 instances of this happening with Thralls. I'll update if that is the case. 

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