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The mastery rank 9 test, bane of my progression


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Twice I tried, twice I failed. 48h lost, can't get the weapons I need to play the #*!%ing game. I want that damn ignis wraith ! 
I went through the pratice tests like a breeze multiple times, but somehow I always get detected in the third and final part when it's for real. 

Is the AI going easy on me when it's practice ? I sure seems like it, because the plan that worked perfectly in the practice runs just does not work when it's the real thing. They spot me instantly, it feels like there is no margin for errors.
Beside, are those #*!%ing 24h cooldown for failure really necessary ? Woudn't being able to advance mastery rank once per day be more than enough ? 
Or at least let me, I don't know, pass that damn cooldown by paying platinum or credits or even by completing some missions.

If all mastery ranks are going to be this S#&$ty and stressful, please tell me now so that I can go play something more amusing... 

Now that's off my chest, if you have any good advice beside "get gud" about this test, I would like to hear it. Especially if you yourself passed it recently.
I used a redeemer this time, but I guess it's not enough... 

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35 minutes ago, Legion-49 said:

it feels like there is not margin for errors.

There aren't any.


Practice is simply made easier to give players an approximate feel of what each test consists of.

Most players completed that test without any cheese weapons, like the Redeemer. On a more personal level, I completed that test with a Scythe so...

Also, enemies DO respond to sound so if you're shooting with that Redeemer, you're most likely alerting them and that may cause earlier detection. You might also consider slowing down and being more observant of your surroundings. This includes paying attention to several enemies at once so that you aren't seen by anyone, and proper hiding spot choice.

You may also need to actually retreat to a cleared area of each section in order to increase your "safety" undetected margin. This includes going to rooftops or to the top of pillars to remain undetected.

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1 hour ago, Legion-49 said:

I used a redeemer this time, but I guess it's not enough... 

Why did you used a SHOTGUN gunblade in a stealth test?

I remember I did the test long time ago with Rhino + Scindo. Took some time because I waited 'til I was sure of how the enemies moved around the test so I waited for the best moment when they were isolated because of sound or when they had their backs turned, so I could kill one and have no problem with the other one turning around and seeing me.

Too much Hitman 1, 2, 3, Contracts and Blood Money I think

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Just did again on the first try with Rhino P + Scindo P. Waited for all enemies walk the entire area two times so I could see the entire patrol pattern, waited for them to split up and killed each one.

Using bullet drop to fly towards them without sound and on approach I run towards their backs mashing X (stealth finish). After killing, I go for a bullet jump upwards to leave the area 'til I knew where in the patrol they were and used wall latch in the pillars to see the Grineers without they seeing me.

After killing one on the ground I go for the guy in the high ground, they can easily see everyone but the guys down low can only see a sliver of his patrol, so its easy to kill him after he leaves the edge. After killing the high ground guy, all the others have their backs completly exposed and have huge blind spots on their patrols.

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