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Secondary Deadhead vs Arcane Pistoleer. Headshot Detection Inconsistency


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While using the Kuva Seer, a pistol with AoE damage

I find that Secondary Deadhead, and Arcane Pistoleer seem to have Different Definitions of headshot kills.


I see Arcane Pistoleer triggering constantly, but Secondary Deadhead hardly ever.

Given that this only happens with my Seer (not for example a Vasto), I have to assume it relates to the AoE effect. My guess is that Pistoleer is qualifying the AoE as a headshot if the bullet itself was a headshot, while Deadhead is not counting the AoE damage.


Perhaps Deadhead should be updated to function the same way Arcane Pistoleer does?

I'm landing those headshots, it doesn't seem fair that its up to RNG to decide if it was the bullet itself, or the added AoE that pushed them over the death threshold.

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I wonder if this is tied to the wording of Deadhead? It specifically says "Precision Headshot" which always sounded weird to me.
I focused on Primary Deadhead, and it procs at about the same rate as Arcane Victory when I'm using Tiberon Prime. I wonder if a similar test could be done with Tonkor's headshot mod.

I do agree that a headshot is a headshot. It should be consistent with whatever they decide, imo it should be point of impact, where the blast originates. Since that would be the bullet you shot.

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