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How to make Faction Mods use more friendly


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Everytenno knows the hassle of switching weapon/warframe loadouts in-between missions to get the faction advantage.

I have a suggestion on how to fix that hassle:


In the Mod Config menu you can see faction icons beside config names.


As you can see, under the "RENAME CONFIGS" new drop downs appear which is used to select faction mission preferences.


For unknown mission factions or multiple factions you should get a pop-up asking which loadout you want to use.

For universal configs it should be "ALWAYS USE"

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5 minutes ago, Drachnyn said:

Doesnt that end up being more inputs than just replacing the mod normally? Primed faction mods are among the first mods listed anyway usually.

Perhaps I haven't been clear in the post... It would allow the mission to automatically select the config without going into your arsenal ---> modding ---> change mod/config.

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This would just make Faction Mods more mandatory than they already are. I'm all for UI upgrades, but dumbing down modding further isn't something I support. This sort of change is using "QOL" as an excuse to reduce the reliance on players for their potential in the arsenal.

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