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Nightwave double missions=double payouts


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so yesterday i was playing all nightwave missions with my girlfriend. like all nightmare, all exterminate and all assasination.

today she stays at my place and decided to help her go through storyline missions. 


but we found out that she is able to re do all the nightwave missions AGAIN so she gets double payment. (we confirmed this by having completed the energizing quest pick up 20 orbs)


so in short: playing on another playstation (confirmed) (on another ip adress is tested for the same playstation, didnt work)


so what happened to us? my girlfriend and i were playing the nightmare missions yesterday (she got all payouts, she is rank 2 on nightwave) she now stays at my place (and plays on my playstation) and the nightmare missions are able to be replayed for extra standing.


for people who have 2 playstations and are able to use 2 ip adresses (for example, mobile hotspots) will be able to play all nightwave missions again, get double payouts, get tons of credits, can buy so much credit rewards in the nightwave shop and are able to get very rich on aura's or simply buy a lot of orokin reactors or orokin catalysts.


this is not something you encounter with normal gameplay, but i am happy to have found this (exploit?) and report it to you. because we care about our market not crashing.


our PSN names are 

JellyBeansTasty (who wrote this) and kayaofficial (who encountered the glitch at first)

http://prnt.sc/1jv7yx0 <-- picture of the standing and missions that can be redone :)


EDIT: we re did the extermination missions, the xp does get granted, but doesnt add up. making it more a weird visual glitch. 

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