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Synapse: Am I The Only One?


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While leveling my new Synapse, I've noticed an issue that's...well, mildly off-putting, really. The issue is: Sometimes, when I roast a Grineer (haven't tried it on Infested or Corpus much yet, as I'm leveling it in preparation for Formas), their head and sometimes their gun remains floating in the air, soulless eyes judging me for their painful, painful deaths.


Am I the only person incurring the wrath of recently-phantomized Grineer?

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Grineer levels don't involve security cameras and shield drones, so I can pretty much autopilot my way through them with a strong frame.

Also, I really hate moas.

That almost seems like even more reason to give them a painful, hideous, phantomizing death. Out of interest, do you have Mag?


Mag + Synapse * Corpus... The math suggests that pain ensues.

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