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Switching from operator to Warframe locks out game/can't do anything, except run, use items or esc.


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Everything locks after switching operator to warframe when doing eidolons: randomly locks game (cant do anything except: run, use items, open map and esc). Everything gets back to normal when mission is over, at this point - coming back to cetus.

Happens in normal missions too, except you can jump, dash, type in chat, use items, but cant shoot, use abilities.

This happens commonly, especially while doing eidolons, because of constant switching operator/warframe.

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6 hours ago, EiraRozen said:

I had this problem back in January with Orphix. I can't remember what I did, but there IS a work around that lets you do things again.

I did try to kill myself (in game ofcourse :D) - doesn't help. Jump of the map - doesn't help.

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