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Zotz Security recruiting for small, static clan


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{Zotz Security} is forming a small group to work towards the higher-end targets of the game in the EST evening or PST early-evening time-frame.
No hard MR requirement; console swap-overs welcome.
Newer players will be considered but you may be left out until you get the prerequisites completed and will have to show progress to stay.

Core group is MR20ish and clearing Steel Path.
Clan size not to exceed 50.

If you want play regularly and get something done and not be lost in a giant clan that's no different than joining pubs, Zotz is for you.
If you've killed a few Eidolons and are S#&$ of scrubs doing it wrong, Zotz is for you.
If you've never killed an Eidolon but want to get good at it, Zotz is for you.
(If you're already doing 6x3's then you may be a bit beyond us.)

Dojo has core research complete. Hema 80%. (No colors or other fluff.)
Dojo is sparse but functionally complete.

Reply here or msg Quazil78 in-game.

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Hey im really interested in this group ideal. I am MR 21 with just about every frame. Ive taken a two year break and want to find a solid group of players to get back into the game with. My IGN is Duserain. And discord is #Woogie9180. 

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