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Railjack Wear&Tear Still Bugged


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It's even worse than that: The inside doesn't even match the default skin.

Picture 1

Left: The "engine ring" thing on the exterior of the default skin; Right: interior of the same (never mind the obvious scale difference, the colors aren't even right, and the window placement makes 0 sense, nevermind that the gold part I'm standing next to is somehow implied via location to be the same white thing I'm standing on despite the lack of the window.)

Picture 2

Left: Those weird "horns" on the front of the railjack; Right: The same (yes, they are meant to be the same structure), from inside, clearly from a different model entirely. The engine being in "collapsed" mode in the left picture does NOT account for those since they don't actually move.

Picture 3

Left: When in drydock, engine from the outside, visibly in "collapsed" mode; Right: When in drydock, engine from the inside, visible "open" mode. For some reason you can see the engine collapse animation if you're outside the railjack, but they didn't even bother to show it collapse if you were looking from the inside. Also still entirely the wrong model, quite visibly, in a great many ways not only those shown in these pictures.



So I'd like to unofficially change this topic to "the entirety of the Railjack Exterior is incorrect when viewed from the Interior, clearly not even using the final model, nevermind ignoring wear and tear configurations and having literally impossible interior-exterior matching."


Like, I could get it for the other skins... But... It doesn't even match with the default??? How did they manage that?!

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