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The INDEX - Screen locked after host migration


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TYPE: In-Game
DESCRIPTION: I was playing the INDEX. Finishing the first round with random people, then the host left while I stayed for a second round. After the host migration, the screen is locked in the same way as when you start the Index (showing you the score) but forever. I can't even press escape so I must ALT F4 the game and loose all I did in the previous rounds.
REPRODUCTION: The host leave after 1 round and someone stay, triggering an host migration.
EXPECTED RESULT: I should be able to play the second round after the host migration.
OBSERVED RESULT: Can't play anymore, locked on the same screen and can't press any key, even escape key.
REPRODUCTION RATE: It happenned to me 3 times in a night. It seems to be 100% reproduction rate.


PS : I don't know if this happens when the host is leaving during a round.

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