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[SOLD] WTS > [Kyruna Ephemera] 100p or Trade for [Sybillina Ephemera]

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I definitely have interest in buying that sister for 100p. I still have to kill my current one though. Do you think you have an hour and a half or so before trading? Also my Dojo does not have the kuva lich trading room built, so we would have to trade at your clan if possible.

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43 minutes ago, MujonaNoYagami said:

Personally more interested in trading for other Ephemeras, but I'll sell it off if I still have it after you're done.

Much appreciated. All set now, invite me whenever you are ready.

EDIT: Thanks a bunch!

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trade complete
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  • MujonaNoYagami changed the title to [SOLD] WTS > [Kyruna Ephemera] 100p or Trade for [Sybillina Ephemera]

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