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Best All Round Kuva Ogris build. (No Bane Mods)



Currently I am trying to determine what the best all-rounded build for the Kuva Ogris; a build for when one is too lazy to switch bane mods every mission.

My 42% Heat Kuva Ogris build: Galvanized Chamber / Serration / Heavy Caliber / Malignant Force / Nightwatch Napalm / Vigilante Armaments / Primed Cryo Rounds / Ogris Igni-visican***  

***Riven stats***

+105.9% Damage / +57.4% Multishot / + 60.5% Heat

I had an idea to switch out Serration  with Internal Bleeding. Since I am getting the damage from both my Riven and Heavy Caliber, would it be better to use Internal bleeding for a far higher chance at slash procs which would mean more viral+slash wombo combo.

With my small amount of testing it seems likes internal bleeding gives a slight edge, but I'm not sure.


What would my fellow tenno suggest?




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I would not recommend Internal Bleeding on the Kuva Ogris.  It only has Impact on the projectile itself (none on the blast) and the amount is so low that odds are it will not proc.  Definitely put in (Primed) Firestorm as Madurai suggested, and maybe consider swapping in Galvanized Aptitude for Vigilante Armaments?  You already have plenty of Multishot so another 60% won't do too much for you.  Although GA was bugged and while they claimed to have fixed, I haven't tested it myself to confirm.  Finally if you enjoy running fast(er) then use Amalgam Serration instead of Serration.  The minor loss in damage is worth it, IMO.

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I won't say this is "the best", but a very functional build I run is:

Primed Firestorm, Serration, Galv Chamber (even if it's bugged, it might get fixed, and it's only 10% loss), Nightwatch Napalm, Vig Armamenrs, Vig Supplies, and all the fire
It works very well. Fire panic cc, damage, heat procs, and armor strip over a large area. I've not tried finding the ceiling for it. You could probably use your Riven in place of Vig Armaments (or whatever).

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3 hours ago, (PSN)Madurai-Prime said:

Replace heavy cal with primed firestorm.

Or galvanized aptitude , KO explosions have IPS damage , NP has build in fire procs , KO it self comes with bonus element and moding for single elemental combo results in 6 possible status procs which will provide 480% bonus damage from GA .

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