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Various Texture/Model issues in the Orbiter


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I've noticed several issues with the Orbiter that have just piled up as more updates have come and gone.

I show them all in the following video (forgive the reddit link, imgur wouldn't let me upload the video there)


The bugs, in text form:

-The emissives in the area around the Nightwave console appear as white instead of the selected colour.
(*Not shown in video: Changing emissive colour while in orbiter will sort-of fix it, though it will appear a shade brighter than the rest of the lighting)

-Under the glass floor in the Liset section, there's a small spinning piece that is only on one side of the otherwise symmetrical design, probably either misplaced or forgotten to be duplicated to the other side.

-The moving piston heads under the glass floor in the Liset section do not have a texture on their "head" face, instead being completely see-through from that angle.

-The update that changed all the console/segment models and textures missed the spot where the Lotus' helmet sits, and the Transferrence chair, both of which still use a plasticy material instead of the metallic used everywhere else on that colour channel now (this is more of a pet peeve than a bug... Mixed materials sharing a colour channel are annoying)

-Next to the Railjack elevator, there are some small wires that go from the roof to the wall, except that they're too far forward and as such, the part that is supposed to connect to the wall just floats in mid-air.

-On the lower floors, the lighting is, for some reason, intensely bright despite a lack of actual lighting fixtures.

The bugs, in video form:


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