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Bring in the hounds sounds


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This question probably belongs in the update mega thread but that is one jam packed thing. Anyway, when a hound goes down/enough for a mercy, there is a useful audio cue.Very often despite this, there is something that can cause instant player death. Im wondering if there is a sound priority  problem where that cue is covering a sound cue for that situation that can cause instant death, or if the mercy audio cue is premature. It seems like it is not premature because it looks like the hound is down and possibly the mercy icon is overhead. It is usually such a whirlwind of stuff happening in the same spot I have come to rely on the audio cue. I think I will try to stream it and look it over in review for details, right now I cannot say if it is one type of hound or precept or something else. But, I figured if others have noticed this or even posted about it already then this post could reinforce that or at least see what others have noticed or experienced. 

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