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Archgun Deployer shockwave not function while invisible


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I have tested this invisible + shockwave bug on both PC and PS4.

Type of bug: in-game.

Description: When I am invisible because of Parazon:Untraceable or Loki Invisibility or Ivara Prowl or Octavia Metronome, if I activate my Archgun Launcher, there is no shockwave to knockdown nearby enemies. There is also no sound of the shockwave effect.

Expected Result: When invisible, enemies are knocked down from Archgun Launcher shockwave.

Observed Result: Enemies are not knocked down.

How Often: Every time.

Other Notes: Some types of invisiblity have not been tested. Ash Smoke Screen, Ivara Quiver, Huras Kubrow Stalk, Shade Sentinel Ghost, Unairu Void Shadow, and any other host/client invisibility abilities that require squadmates have not been tested.

2021-08-08-EDIT: Tested squadmate's Octavia invisibility while my game was a Client, the results are the same: no shockwave is produced while invisible.

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