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Kuva/Sister Interface


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I spent like 2-3 days trying to confirm if the lvl of your kuva/sister matters when turning them. allot of mixed results online but I settled on the idea it doesn't, though the fact that their lvl is indicated above the name in the index is concerning >.>

1. if the lvl that you turn them does not matter, then I think it should. this would add a reason to try and cap out before turning them "however".

2. we need a contract interface, something that lets us view, view stats and potentially alter and edit are contracts appearance much like crew and maybe even use the same point system to improve the contract. (and to 3)

3. Add a promotion system so it doesn't matter if you did not max your lich out, you can do a quest that allows them to go to the next tier.


I think this would give them allot more depth rather than just being out there kind of just stalking you after ruthlessly hunting them down.  

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