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Noroi, Cursed Warframe


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This warframe came up in my head so I thought it would cool if i shared it.

passive: Every time Noroi kills an enemy, tendrils sprout of her back, and do slash and toxin damage to enemies within 10m, and have a 20% chance to knockdown enemies. The max stack of tedrils is 5.

First ability: Cursebind, Noroi shares her burdens, and embeds a curse within a selected enemy, the enemy is dealt "cursed" damage that dose increasingly more damage until it caps at ticking 5% of the enemies shields/armor each second. You can detonate the effected enemy to deal a burst of damage by holding the ability.

Second ability: Sever, Noroi severs her nerves, and gains a straight 33% damage reduction. lasts for a base duration of 20s, and can be recast.

Third ability: Imbue. Noroi aims and throws up a black ball of cursed energy, and the ball explodes on contact, the ball deals any status damage type the enemy effected is weak to, such as Grineer being weak to corrosive, Corpus weak to magnetic, and so on, this effect stuns the enemy (think of radial blind) and is spread to any near enemies.

Forth ablilty: Wail, Noroi wails in agony, and buffs her all of her abilities, and scares nearby enemies, stopping them in their tracks, and automatically is effected by Norois first ability.

Ability buffs,

Passive: now can stack up to 10 tendrils, and have a 100% chance of knocking down enemies.

First ability: does 20% of shields/armor

Second ability: now reduces damage by 50%

Third ability: bigger stun radius, and now can strip armor and shields (with enough power strength)

yeah thought it would be cool to show this off, and tell me what to change and all that because im not the best ability designer lol.

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