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Game keeps crashing while playing in open worlds


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My game keeps crashing while I'm playing in open worlds. Especially the Orb Vallis. But it happens when I play in all three. But mostly Orb Vallis. It could happen while I'm in the open world, or it happens when I try to extract. It's extremely frustrating losing progress every time. I lost 2 hours of progress once. The open worlds are literally unplayable for me. If I didn't buy yareli, I'd never be able to get her. I'll never be able to rank up little duck in fortuna. Or get gyromags to build another xaku for helminth. Please investigate as to why it keeps happening. I've deleted and reinstalled warframe on my ps4 pro 9 times. I've rebuilt the database twice. I just cleared my console cache. And it still happens. Nothing has worked. PLEASE see if you can figure out the problem. 

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