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Can we make aim and glide parts of the aim glide maneuvre into two separate keys?


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This aim glide sometimes is annoying when it zooms so close. It sometimes blocks my crosshairs completely. In snipers I can't practically glide for movement when it zooms so close especially when I have it at max zoom in the middle of a fight and (say, an osprey is about to charge, or tar mutalist moa drops a puddle, or a nullifier comes too close when my ability is up) I suddenly want to change position far away using aim gliding. I know there exists a mod to reduce zoom during aim glide but what I suggest is to keep aiming part of the maneuver separate. Like sprint/roll we can have hold spacebar to glide and tap to double jump, and if we right click we would still be able to aim. Very convenient especially when using scoped weapons to maintain the same field of view while gliding so we can land accurately in places like narrow roots in infested caves of deimos while hunting.


It will not make any mods irrelevant as we still be able to zoom while gliding but at will. Hitting Spacebar and holding it lets us just glide without all that mandatory right click zoom's inconveniences and the right click aim will be optional. Please DE, I love aim gliding and I install the aero vantage mods for fun, but the mandatory zoom sometimes make it difficult to use  snipers and scoped guns like buzlok. I can't turn around quick enough to change targets when it is at such zoom levels. it also will help us view our HuD's markers more conveniently so we can take advantage of a marked enemy like a miniboss or an acolyte, while also taking advantage of the bonus crit chance on aim glide passives of zephyr or any such mods efficiently.

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On 2021-08-08 at 3:17 PM, Flannoit said:

Iirc if you go into melee only stance, the zoom in is VERY minute (if there's any at all), so you could always do that.

That is one way to solve something that could be better if it was done in another way. Why constantly being forced to swap weapons mid combat, mid mission while in mid parkour maneuvre that lasts for 5 to 20 seconds (depending on warframe) is a bad idea must I say?

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