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Specter Problem with other Mechanics


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Making this Post just to Ask if this a FEATURE or a BUG, i asked my friends & he said that i might've as well make a post for it first because i though this was a good idea for a video

this will be 2 thing that i want to ask about :

1. during my Run after (ORPHIX VENOM) days i spam my Mech in some Open World where i discover that Octavia Specter on Skill Activation gives Mech Energy Regen (not a biggy issue & the regen is too slow anyway).

2. today i just accidentally get a REQUEIM OBELISK DROP (Necrathene, those Resource what not) but not FROM OPERATOR KILL but from a Specter Kill my Xaku Specter kill with Its own ability & weapon manage to give me the drop everytime he kill the 'ENEMY THAT IS AFFECTED BY OBELISK EFFECTS', i was about to make a video about this on youtube & ask my friends first for opinions but then someone said that theres a possibility that i might get ban for doing so, thus im here asking if its ok to make a video & will not get ban for it or is it a Bug/Exploit.

number 2 was my biggest issue because even tho the Specter is a bit Expensive to make & will automatically kill a non effected obelisk mobs & not dropping the goods, is this ok???

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