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What's with all the Yareli exclusives?


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Good morning.

I'm kinda bummed on how poorly thought out these exclusive bundles are.

It's bad enough we have weapon skins and/or syandanas bundled with warframe skins that some of us don't want, but now we have weapon skins, a drone, and a noggle that constantly comes with the Yareli warframe. How many damn Yarelis does DE think we need? Selling them separately, or in their own bundle, would have been more profitable ( and logical ) endeavor. 

I guess Tencent's grubby, greedy claws are starting to tighten around DE after all.


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I mean I can understand your frustration, but ultimately these things dont affect gameplay at all, and are not time limited.

I get it get it can be annoying to have cosmetics behind a pay wall, but with all the weapons and frames in the game acquirable through just time investment, and with no ads in the game really, DE has to make its money somewhere.

I'd rather it be from noggles I'll ultimately forget I have and skins that arent integral to my enjoyment of the game than if they start adding pay-only weapons or something like that, other than the excal prime and such as founders who paid in early for the games success did deserve a lasting reward.

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Eh, since Tencent only have a partial hold on DE's parent company, I think the most we're going to see out of them is the Mobile version of the game being pushed.

Especially after the Chinese Government branded games as 'spiritual opium' and dropped Tencent's shares down so low that their top ranks are taking massive losses, their other franchises are suffering due to things like having their 'Youth Mode' being deemed 'illegal' in China... and everything seems to be going downhill for them right now.

After that kind of loss, a company will only take the very, very safest of moves. Like taking an existing holding they have and seeking to expand it into a market that they know will actually want it. China may have a crusade out to try and reduce gaming time, but the adults don't worry about that, so a game that's directed at older teens and adults like Warframe going onto China's biggest game-consumer platform (mobile) is ideal.

We'll likely see at least another year of careful moves from them before they start money-grubbing to the extent they have been on other games they have stock in.

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