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This Is Not The Clan You're Looking For......


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LootNShoot is not the Clan you are looking for unless..........


1.  You're Masterly level 3 or higher

2.  You would rather explore the map and get as much loot as possible then run the mission as fast as possible.

3.  You leave no man behind.

4.  You enjoy friendship and team work.

5.  You understand that not every Warframe is a tank.

6.  You use the Wiki.

7.  You understand how much voice communications help in the game.


LootNShoot is a brand new Clan.  I started it today.  I turned my old Clan over to another Player.  


About me.


1.  I've got well over 300k kills.

2.  I've got well over 1000 hours in the game.

3.  I've got well over 4k mods in inventory right now.

4.  I'm retired and spend a lot of time in the game.

5.  I don't mind helping players level up or farm what they need.


My last Clan was a top 200 Clan.  It grew too large and I'd rather start a new Clan.


If you're interested in joining LootNShoot then Whisper me when I'm on-line or send me a friend request.


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