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Opticor headshots seem extremely inconsistent


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As the title says, at first i thougt it might have been heavy caliber, but further investigation showed no difference whatsoever.

Also the consistency varies within the simulacrum where most of the headshots would register, meanwhile in actual missions it doesn't seem to be the case.

As for why it might be because of how the radial attack damage interacts with enemy hitboxes, but that doesn't explain why it works in the simulacrum and not in normal missions.

The testing was done with multiple factions with both the regualr opticor and the vandal variant.

Is anyone else also experiencing this problem?

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I have this same issue, Galvanized Scope and Primary Dead head have trouble proccing with Opticor. This is very frustrating as this basically just makes the build useless. This problem has been here for a while as well, wonder why absolutely no one even mentions it.

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