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Projekt Kang


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(WIP For now only a rough outline)


Warframe Theme:

The Basic idea of this Warframe is martial arts. The whole concept revolves around the ability to swiftly cast abilities to chain them for deadly combinations. The ultimate ability trades your ability to use a primary or secondary, for a solemnly ability combination focused playstyle.


Background Story:

This warframe was made for an ancient orokin Martial Arts Master who lacked any kind of worthy oponent for his Level for Mastery.



Mastery of Oneself

On Kill, increase Ability Cast speed by 5%  Stacking up to 50%

If an ability hits enemies, melee counter is increased.

You cannot equip any melee weapon 


First Ability:

Vacuum Palm (Hold 1)

The Warframe Strikes the Air infront of him creating a vacuum that pulls enemies towards him.


Swift Strike (Press 1)

The Warframe turns for a wide kick, striking everything infront of him dealing heavy damage


Second  Ability:

Supreme Footwork

The Warframe dashes to a targeted enemy avoiding any projectile while doing so.


Third Ability: 

Mountain Splitter

The warframe Kicks a Target up in the air. 

On Recast:

The warframe performs a frontflip slaming the uplift enemy into the ground with its leg causing shockwave damage to occur around it.

Should an enemy die on the first kick, this action does more aoe damage.


Fourth Ability:

Enraged Blood

For the Duration of this ability, Abilities do not cost any energy. Also, abilities loose their cooldown only beeing bound by the cast time of the other ability currently in effect however, an ability cannot be used twice in a row, making for a fluid flurry of deadly combinations. The warframe also gains abilitional armor and movement speed ,while loosing the ability to use firearms.



Thanks for reading




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Love the idea of ability-heavy warframes. A martial-arts based one sounds fun, reminds of playing a combo monk in Ragnarok Online. Would be cool if his fourth was some sort of ultimate move that sacrificed all of his energy and dealt massive damage to a single target per point of energy consumed. Would also be cool if some of his abilities were a few strikes instead of a single attack, even if the result was a single damage number (like in anime when a character gets hit a bunch of times, and then seems to take the damage all at once).

I think if you built him right, doing the opposite of what you have and letting him have specific types of melee weapons (staff, sword, dual swords, and other martial arts type weapons) and disabling his ability to use firearms permanently would be awesome.

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