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Ahriman: Terror from the Depths of the Void


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I've wanted a heavily ability-based warframe in the game for years now, so I decided to start putting together a concept for one. I hope everyone enjoys the read, and I'd love to hear some feedback.



Built by the Orokin as a weapon to harness the power of the void, and brought back to life by the Corpus, Ahriman is a caster-class warframe that uses dark energy channeled from the void to destroy his enemies. Abandoned after the Orokin feared him to be too powerful and lost in the depths of time and darkness, buried in void for millenia, madness has overcome him. Driven by his hatred for all living things he desires now only to destroy whatever and whoever he finds. The Corpus gave him new life hoping to harness his taste for destruction to bend the galaxy to their whim, but even they have now fallen prey to its whims.

Ahriman looks like a cross between Orokin and Corpus technology, covered in flowing robes and eminating dark energy. With eyes burning deep beneath his hood, one look from this warframe would send any enemy running in fear for their lives. His hands weaving the signs to command the darkness to envelop his enemies and bathe the battlefield in their blood.

Play Style
Ahriman plays as a caster, with complex interactions between his abilities. Optimizing when and how you cast abilities is essential to maximizing the potential of this deadly warframe.

During the course of the events of Sisters of Parvos you receive a message from the depths. The transmission garbled, broken, and warped. You can only make out the golden hand of Parvos, covered in blood, falling to his side as he can be heard gasping, practically in a whisper: "Save us, Natah."

The player embarks on a journey through Corpus Ships, Orokin derelicts, void gates, and into the cold embrace of Ahriman's madness itself to finally put an end to him once and for all.

The player receives Ahriman's blueprint after completing the quest. Blueprints for the remaining parts can be acquired from Ergo Glast for 20 Corrupted Holokey each.

50 armor
50 health
125 shields
450 energy

Special Stats

  • Can only equip a melee weapon
  • Melee damage reduced by 85%
  • Status and critical chance of melee weapons reduced to 0

Passive Ability
Enemies killed by warframe abilities increase ability range and duration by 5% and ability strength and efficiency by 10%. Stacks up to 5 times.


Void Transmission - 30/45 energy
Calls upon the power of the void to create a massive energy beneath the casters feet to move quickly away from danger, creating a blinding light. Blinds enemies within 2.5x(range%/100) meters of the warframe for 1.75x(duration%/100) and moves the warframe in a random direction 3.5x(range%/100) meters facing the original position of the warframe. Cannot go through walls or obstacles. Moves only in original vertical plane (warframe will not move up or down). Holding down the skill button will cause the warframe to travel twice the distance at the cost of 1.5x the energy.

Special Effects

  • Casting the long-press version of this skill while Void Invigoration is active envelops the warframe in void energy reducing incoming damage by 90% for 15 seconds.
  • Casting the long-press version of this skill while Void Incursion's energy ball is out transports the warframe to the energy ball. Ahriman will pour more of his own energy into the ball detonating it immediately and increasing it's damage by 25% and causing enemies killed by Void Incursion to have a 15% chance to drop an energy orb.

A trail of the colors of the warframe emanating light is left in a trail behind the warframe as it travels. A flash of light blinds enemies in a small area.


Void Invigoration - 45 energy cast, 5/s energy upkeep. 15/30 energy Void Transmission
Warframe is invigorated with void energy causing it to hover above the ground and become more mobile increasing movement speed by (1.25*powerStrength%) but disabling run, bullet jump, slide, roll, wall jump, wall run, wall grab and ledge grab, but still allowing the warframe to jump, double jump, and aim glide. 

Pressing shift while moving will cause the effects of Rapid Transmission at half energy cost however movement will be in the direction the warframe is currently traveling/facing (same as bullet jump) and the warframe will not change its orientation. Holding shift will consume the full energy cost of Void Transmission and  will double it's range and the warframe will face its previous position after moving in the direction the warframe is currently traveling/facing. Using Void Transmission in this manner does not activate damage reduction buff.

Special Effects

  • Casting within 5 seconds of casting Void Transmission will reduce the cast and upkeep energy costs by 25%. Must be off when Void Transmission is cast to activate this bonus.

Warframe is covered in a flowing energy that takes its colors from the warframe's dual energy colors. A cloud of energy appears beneath the warframe's feet, and leaves a nebulous trail wherever it touches the ground. A slight energy is left in the wake of the warframe as it moves.


Void Nebula - 65 energy cast, 15/s energy upkeep
Harnesses the energy of the void to destroy your foes. Creates 2x(duration%/100) void singularities in random places within 10x(range%/100) meters of the caster every 5s by creating 1 singularity every (totalSingularities/2) seconds. Each singularity does (2.5xmeleeTotalDamage)*(ComboMultiplier/2)/15 damage every second for 15 seconds to enemies within 3x(range%/100) meters that adjusts damage type automatically to enemy weaknesses but only applies damage*(damageBonus/3). 50% chance to apply status effect of damage type (cannot be increased).

Special Effects

  • Provides 2*numEnemiesAffected over-shields per pulse of singularities to a maximum of 2*maxShields
  • Casting with 5 seconds of using Void Transmission to detonate Void Incursion will increase range within which singularities spawn by 20%, range of singularities by 30%, and damage of singularities by 15% as long as the skill remains active.

A subtle nebula effect surrounds each singularity indicating its area of effect. Rather than overlapping, the edges of these areas combine to create a single nebula if the singularities are close enough together. Each singularity shines like a star in the void. Each pulse of damage causes each singularity to emit waves of light outwards in the nebula.


Void Incursion - 200 Energy, 10/s energy to guide
Summons a massive ball of energy from the void and fires it at your enemies. Travels at medium speed and can be directed by holding the ability key after cast and aiming at the desired target. Deals (3.5xmeleeTotalDamage)*(ComboMultiplier/2) initial damage to any target hit. Explodes after 1 second causing initialDamage in a 8.5*(range%/100) meter radius with a (range%/3.25) falloff. Adjusts damage type to enemy weaknesses but only applies damage*(damageBonus/2). Has a 50% status chance that increases by 7% for each secondary enemy hit. Has a 25% critical chance that increases 3% for every secondary enemy hit. Enemies left standing will be floated for 4x(duration%/100) seconds and take (meleeTotalDamage/100) percent more damage while floated.

Special Effects

  • Turns off Void Nebula and Void Invigoration in order to focus all void energy into the projectile.
  • Any remaining singularities from Void Nebula caught in the secondary explosion will increase its damage and critical chance by 10%.
  • If cast while Void Invigoration is active, increases damage by 15%.

Ahriman summons a growing orb of power that seems to contain the void itself and glowing with void energy through a portal to the darkness from which he came which comes to his outstretched right hand. All energy and effects fade from him as it reaches his hand and places it in front of him, placing his other hand behind it, invigorating it with all of his power before releasing it upon his foes. This is a high damage ability with a long casting time, so use it wisely!


Signature Weapon - Angra



A staff like no other. With a double-sided void blade that can extend to sweep away enemies or contract for quick close-range swipes that hit multiple enemies, this gunblade may not do the most damage, but it will engage many foes with great efficiency. Handles like a staff weapon but is shortened to the length of a lo-staff unless void blades extend.

Special Stats:
Has infinite combo duration when wielded by Ahriman.

Main blueprint is acquired from completing Ahriman quest. Handle and two Blade blueprints can be purchased from Ergo Glast for 12 Corrupted Holokey each.

Attack Speed: 0.85
Blocking Angle: 60
Combo Duration: 9
Critical Chance: 20%
Critical Multiplier: 2.7x
Follow Through: 1.1
Range: 1.2
Slam Attack: 575
Slam Radial Damage: 150
Slam Radius: 9
Slide Attack: 375
Status: 20%

Impact: 15
Puncture: 75
Slash: 125

Heavy Attack
Damage: 1,750
Slam Attack: 750
Slam Radius: 10
Wind Up: 0.2
Punch-Through: 2.2

Dark Reach - Staff - Combos

Attack: Short-range burst attack for engaging close-range enemies.
Heavy Attack: Fires a narrow-beam shot and primes any enemies hit causing them to explode after 1s dealing damage and causing a knockback.
Attack + /\: mid-range standard series of attacks to engage groups of enemies
Attack + mod + /\: Long-range slow sweeping attacks that will hit multiple enemies easily
Attack + mod: Deals medium-range damage in a sweeping arc around the warframe, ending in a shot into the ground causing an explosion that causes a 1s stun to targeted enemy after a one second delay.
Slide Attack: Void blade increases in length slashing multiple opponents and priming them with void energy that explodes after two seconds dealing damage to the enemy and other enemies within 3m. Takes 5 seconds to recharge, during which time a normal mid-range sweeping attack will take place if the user tries to perform another slide attack.
In-Air: Three quick strikes that prime the primary target with void energy dealing no damage but causing it to float for two seconds, after which it will erupt with the primed void energy and fall to the ground.
Wall-Dash: Void blade extends a long distance and one slow long swipe takes place in the direction away from the wall dealing damage to enemies.
Looking Down/Downed Enemy: Slams the void blades into the ground charging it and causing an explosion that deals damage in a radius around the player with a knockdown. HEAVY SLAM MODIFIER: Explosion floats enemies for 5 seconds.


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