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Railjack Skirmish Unable to Finish


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When farming holokeys in veil proxima void storm missions, it has become commonly accepted that skirmish missions will simply stop spawning enemy fighters and essentially "bug the mission" due to a mysterious combination of factors. This is actually horrific because of the significant time investment required to get that far and the difference between rewards in a completed vs Incomplete mission ESPECIALLY when multiple missions in a row end on this failure and you suffer a double bug of losing all or most accumulated rewards (fissure, materials, holokeys, intrinsics, affinity etc). players will often turn on each other and resort to superstition saying the mission was not completed in proper order and the fighters cease to spawn thus making the objective Incomplete and wasting your time. 


TLDR; veil proxima void storm Skirmish broken, fighters stop spawning before limit is hit making mission impossible to finish please help for the love of god

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This is an issue that has been common since the Railjack rework when the corpus mission where released.

The game limits the # of units that can be spawned at the same time, this counts for both interiors and space. Once an objective is completed and a ground area is empty of players the units despawn to make room for more.

The optional objective is considered cleared by the game when the player exits as opposed to when the cache is grabbed. Played are using omni tool to return to Railjack after grabbing the cache, so it's not fully parked complete and you will see the waypoint still present in space. If you pop back in you will see it's full of enemies.

A workaround for players is to just pop in and the pop back out using the door. The waypoint will clear and the inside enemies despawn making room for the fighters to spawn.

A hopefully simple fix for DE would be to have the objective marked complete when the cache is collected instead of when the place is exited through the door.

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