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Accidentally converted a lich you meant to vanquish? Let us re-fight it.


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Can we have the option to re-fight a previously converted lich? Or just "retire" it for the weapon. Converted liches aren't particularly useful for the most part and they're only tradeable once you cant trade it to a friend and have him trade it back. Or just remove the 1 trade limit man..

I made this post because I accidentally converted a 59% Weapon that I bought because I am scatterbrained. Heck, I didn't even know liches become untradeable if you convert a traded lich. Support shrugged their shoulders and suggested I make a suggestion on the forums so here it is lol.


1) 0 support tickets in the future to the tune of "omg i accidentally converted my traded lich now its untradeable". Accidentally converted a lich? No worries, you're not permanently screwed.

2) Keep liches you're on the fence about till later. That garbage 25% lich with no ephemera you have? In standby for when you get a 55%.


1) ???


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Thank you

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I want to Kill or send them to Iron Wake.   Refighting them would be really annoying....  Selling my Converted liches is not possible either, coz they r trash. 


I also want Converted Liches to be always LVL5.  Or let us level them up with Kuva via RJ crew menu.  Coz i converted one at lvl2....and its stats are so sad.

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