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[PoE/CD/OV] Psychic Fish, Empty Hotspots, and Useless Pharoma


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I've noticed for a while now, as early as last year, that fishing has a lot of issues.

The first issue that is the most prominent is that fishing hotspots sometimes are just empty and stay empty. This isn't just an "oh, it's just ONE hotspot", when this happens, it usually affects most of the ones in that load of the Plains/Drift/Vallis. There are many times where I've had to force reset them by leaving and coming back because the game was just refusing to spawn ANY fish at all. There have been plenty of times where I've waited over 20 minutes, wasted several Pharoma, Luminous Dye, and common baits and not even ONE fish spawns.

The second issue that I've noticed is that Pharoma seems to be literally useless. It's supposed to make fish less likely to run away when startled, but the results are the same with and without it. Either Pharoma straight up doesn't do anything, has an extremely tiny effect, or has abysmal range. Or all three, who knows.

The third and final issue is that some fish just so happen to be psychic. There have been MANY times where a fish will get startled and enter it's "panic swim" mode the exact moment I fire off my harpoon - before the harpoon even makes contact with water. This causes the harpoon to almost always miss because the swim patterns for "panic swim" is a lot less linear than their usual swim patterns. This happens most commonly in Orb Vallis, but also pretty common in Plains. A bit less so in Drift, for some reason, but it sometimes still happens.

I enjoy fishing in Warframe, when it's not glitching out or when I'm not being besieged by "coincidental" grineer/corpus appearances or telepathic infested. (Corpus need to chill tf out and stop throwing dropships right where I'm fishing, even if it's the middle of literally nowhere...)

I'd really appreciate it if fishing got some touch-ups and fixes. Aside from these issues, I love fishing in WF. It's generally relaxing, a decent way to kill time, and rewarding.

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