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Ho'kan prime | I have no idea what title to give it |


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Name : Ho'kan Prime

Gender : Male

Description : A body of void, fragile but potentially devastating, is enclosed by a thick shell of hardened gold and treated with pure void energy. The combination of these elements forms a very efficient, highly devastating and particularly difficult combination to break down. Given the high concentration of void energy in the shell, it is particularly resistant to sentients.

Because of the materials used for its construction, Ho'kan exists only in the prime version.



Shell : 3.750 

Hp : 75 --> 225

Shields : 75 --> 255

Energy : 150 --> 300

Armor : 150

Speed : 

  1. With shell : 0.90
  2. Without shell : 1.35

Buff rank 30 :

  • On shell :
  • 95% tau damage reduction
  • 75% probability to bounce back any non-explosive bullet recived. If a bullet bounces back, it will deal 67% reduced damage to the shell.
  • 65% status resistance



Ho'kan Prime's body is encased in a thick, heavy shell made of solid orokin gold hardened with void energy. The shell absorbs damage before shields and life, is resistant to most damage, and has a good chance of returning non-explosive shells. 


Shell total hp is affected by armor, hp and shield mods with 50% efficiency

The shell, to explain it in a more understandable way, is a sort of iron skin, which absorbs damage first, which however does not make it immune to status effects, or knockdowns, but that when it suffers a status effect that inflicts damage over time, it it will deal far less, and any status effects that should deal damage directly to life will instead be blocked by the shell.

Damage received by the shell is mitigated by the armor. The shell when taking damage, can activate mod and arcane effects that are activated when taking damage.

When any mod that increases armor, life, or shields is applied to the warframer, it will affect the shell's resistance at half its strength. This means that if I put a mod that increases shields by 440%, the shell will increase its maximum capacity by 220%.

The life of the shell cannot be regenerated through healing abilities, or healing effects.

When the shell takes fatal damage, it will explode, dealing damage. If the damage the shell took before exploding was greater than the shell's remaining life, the excess damage will not pass to the warframe, but will be added to the explosion.


Explosion radius : 30 meters

Explosion damage : 2.500 + excess damage (25% slash | 25% impact | 25% puncture | 25% void)

100% probability to stun enemies hitted by the explosion for 1.2 seconds


Ability 1

Tap : Convert some of your energy into new gold to repair your shell. When the shell is fully repaired, the ability will generate charges upon activation, which will increase the overall life of the shell. When a charge is consumed due to too much damage it will explode releasing shards of sharp gold all around you, damaging every enemy. Sentient enemies cannot adapt to damage dealt by this ability.


Cost : 25

Charges : 8 (affected by ability strength)

Shell healing : 1.250

Shell boost hp/charge : 675

Explosion radius : 15 meters

Explosion amage : 795 (75% slash | 20% puncture | 5% impact)

Hold : Melt one of your charges to turn it into a molten gold bullet, which will envelope whatever it hits.


Cost : 1 charge (cannot be activated without charges)

Projectile flight speed : 65 m/s

Projectile shape : similar to a sphere

Projectile diameter : 0.55 meters

  • If the charge hit an ally, they'll get a shell similar to yours.
  • Spoiler
    • Shell hp : 1.250
    • Can stack up to 4 times
    • Duration : unlimited
  • If the charge hits an enemy, it will be engulfed in molten gold, which will slow and damage it over time.
  • Spoiler
    • Slowing : 65%
    • Damage on hit : 1.550 (85% impact | 15% fire)
    • Damage over time : 445/s (50% fire | 50% void)
    • Duration : 15 seconds
  • When a gold-enveloped enemy is killed, the shell absorbs it, healing itself and increasing its maximum resistance over a period of time.
  • Spoiler
    • Absorbition time : 3.5 seconds
    • Healing : 5% max shell hp/s 
    • Can heal charges from 1st tap ability
    • Bonus hp to shell : +150
    • Bonus hp to each charge : + 65
    • Stack up to 8 times
    • Buff duration : 30 seconds


For each active charge, you get a 5% speed bonus, and 2.5% attack speed with any weapon.


Ability 2

Transform your body into an energy spectrum as you leave your shell. When you are out of your shell, you will be able to move freely around the battlefield, while your shell in a state of temporary invincibility will fight on its own.

If you hit an enemy with your body when in this state, it will be marked with a mark, which will cause it to take increased damage from any source, but even more damage from your shell, and after a few seconds, the enemy will explode dealing damage proportional to the damage suffered when under the influence of the mark. For each enemy affected by the mark, the shell's invulnerability time will increase by 0.5 seconds.


Cost : 50 + 5/s (Energy consumption per second is only present when the shell is not invulnerable)

Shell invulnerability time : 4 seconds (affected by ability strength)

Body movement speed bonus : + 47%

Body dodge : 85%

Damage on contact : 1.500 (100% void)

Mark duration : 4 seconds

Explosion radius : 7 meters

Explosion damage : 25% damage absorbed while the mark was active


The enemy hit by the mark will be slowed by 65% and its defenses will be reduced by 45% as long as the mark is active. + 2 seconds to the duration of the mark.


Ability 3

Tap : Shatter part of your shell, and make it orbit at high speed in an energy field. Shards will damage enemies, causing irreparable wounds, while the energy field will damage incoming projectiles, reducing the damage they inflict.

Enemies of sentient origin are unable to adapt to the damage caused by this ability, and when within the energy field, their defense system will be nullified.


Cost : 50 energy + 35% shell actual hp

Duration : 25 seconds

Radius : 20 meters

Damage : 12/s for each 1% maximum hp spent on cast (50% slash | 50% void)

Damage reduction : 40%

Hold : Completely destroy your shell, creating a storm of gold shards that orbit around you in a vast energy field, damaging enemies and reducing the damage dealt to every ally within the field.

Enemies of sentient origin will not be able to adapt to damage from this ability, and the energy field will nullify their defense system.


Cost : 75 energy and 100% shell actual hp

Duration : 30 seconds

Radius : 30 meters

Damage : 20/s for each 1% total hp spent on cast (50% slash | 50% void)

Damage reduction : 75%

Synergy 3-1

Tap : The ability consumes up to 4 charges from the 1st ability, if any, to increase the ability's damage, damage reduction, and range by 7.5% for each charge consumed.

Hold : The ability consumes up to 8 charges from the 1st ability, if any, to increase the ability's damage, damage reduction, and range by 7.5% for each charge consumed.





Ability 4

 Open your shell, to release a devastating continuous beam of void energy, which will engulf enemies in a cone in front of you. The ray is powered by your energy, but it will consume your body if it runs out. 


Cost : 20 energy/s

Beam range : 35 meters

Beam cone of dispersion : 35°

Beam damage : 3.500/s (100% void damage)

Beam deal x2 damage to any sentient enemy

Beam will consume 15% of your shields and 5% (x2 if shields is 0) of your maximum health/s when energy is 0

You can walk while this ability is active, but cannot double/bullet jump, run or crouch down.

Synergy 4-1

Description : 

  • Hitting an ally who owns the shell with the beam will charge the shell with void energy, making it temporarily invulnerable, and refracting stolen damage in an area around it.

Invulnerability time : 3 seconds + 1 second/charge

refraction radius : 15 meters

  • Beaming an enemy enveloped in gold will charge it, and cause some of the damage taken by the enemy to refract to any other enemy close enough.
  • Duration : 7 seconds
  • Refraction radius : 15 meters
  • Damage refracted : 65%
  • Killing an enemy enveloped in gold will regenerate part of the shell's life.

Shell healing : 15% max shell health


Enemies killed by the ability have a 75% chance to release an energy orb.



Signature weapon 1

Type : melee - Broadsword

Name : Arkalet prime

Description : Heavy greatsword with a majestic rectangular blade decorated with gold reliefs, each hit causes damage that can be lethal, even for the most armored enemies. This greatsword is Ho'kan prime's favorite, and in his hands, attacks on enemies below 65% of their maximum HP have a 15% chance of being lethal, killing them immediately.


Attack speed : 0.763

Range : 3.2 meters

Blocking angle : 75°

Combo duration : 5 seconds

Critical chance : 28%

Critical damage v: 2.9x

Status chance : 35%

Damage : 375 (200 slash | 175 impact)

Heavy attack damage : 2.250

Wind up time : 1.3 seconds


Signature weapon 2

Type : primary | Rifle

Name : Araknatu prime

Description : Hybrid primary weapon, equipped with a large magazine capable of firing fully automatically. The gold decorations on the barrel and body increase the weight of the weapon, and this allows to reduce the recoil. The weapon can change the type of bullets it fires on the fly, without having to reload or wait, going from ordinary fast bullets, to heavier armor-piercing bullets, which are fired more slowly. This is Ho'kan prime's favorite weapon, and he reloads it faster, and he can handle recoil better than anyone else (+25% reload speed and -15% recoil).


Normal rounds

Precision : 26.8

Magazine capacity : 225

Max ammo : 675

Reload speed : 3.1 seconds

Fire rate : 13.56

Trigger : Automatic

Noise : Allarming

Critical chance : 24 %

Critical damage : 2.4x

Statsu chance : 32%

Damage : 14 (5 slash | 5 puncture | 4 impact)

Armor-piercing rounds

Precision : 26.8

Magazine capacity : 225

Max ammo : 675

Reload speed : 3.1 seconds

Fire rate : 8.33

Trigger : Automatic

Noise : Allarming

Critical chance : 40%

Critical damage : 3.5x

Status chance : 10%

Damage : 16 (10 puncture | 3 slash | 3 impact)

Ignore 33% of max armor


I point out that I am highly unsure of almost all the statistics, so opinion is welcome.

Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments.

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D

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