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Bug with HEC Hound


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Ok I built the Cela Bracket. Claimed it from the foundry. Nowhere to be found. This hound has already been Glided and has reached max rank. I went to Legs on Fortuna, and it shows I own this Cela Bracket. Tried to equip it. Only it doesn't show up on the Hec Hound or as being equipped. Is this just a waste of Mats or what?

Legs show that you can build any of the robotic dogs, if you have the parts. only where do you get the parts ? Mine came preassembled after I killed the sister.

On the Wiki it shows as a Mod. Have no such mod. Have looked through all the Mods I have for Robotics. Not there. Have looked through all the thousands of my mods, also not there. So please take the time and fix this DE.

Would also like to be able to use the Robotic dogs to unlock lockers, after all they are Robotic in nature and the locked lockers are just a mechanical or electronic chest. This would actually give something more to being useful for in the game and sure the Hec has 3 little pups it turns itself into but really not that useful. They do take and get the attention of some of the NPC's, but then so do any other of the Pets in the game.

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2 minutes ago, Horonelius said:

If you think somethings wrong, send in a ticket to support.

If it deals with money the answer is pretty quick if it's anything else, takes me a month just to get a reply and they close the ticket before you can respond. No thank you.

Have had better lUck here in the forums getting something done. And don't like the forums.

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