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k drive race in deimos is a mess


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collision with random invisible mesh

got stuck or crash into random pebble/twig

waypoint marker not always visible on minimap and wp has the same color scheme as deimos tile set resulting difficulty to distinguish from environment, the distance between some wp are too long.

the reward should be 5x times better judging by how ill-design those tracks are in deimos

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Thoses races are not that hard. harder than most Fortuna's, but not as much as people say. Since checkpoints are far from each other, the first part of those are a bit less forgiving if you don't have speed mods, but it's doable, even with a bondi K-drive. Stay simple, don't try too be too fancy, tricks don't count in the final score.

Collisions on invisible stuff are way rarer now since Sister of Parvos update tho, so maybe there is something else here. maybe you hit your grab button by mistake. It can be a consequence of inconsistant framerate too.

If you have trouble seeing the gates, increase effects intensity in the option menu.

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