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Mag Pull - Tactical Solutions


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Problems of MAG Pull:

- Skill too strong at early levels; MAG outshines other starter frames
- Skill able to target enemies, without being aware of them, at a cheap rate

Possible Solutions:

Pull affected by Weight;

- Power strength allows heavier mobs to be affected
- Pull damage is not instant but is calculated when mobs hit a surface;
- Velocity is affected by power strength
- low power strength or heavy weight could result in enemies only being staggered

Pull affected by Stretch:

- Power range allows larger angle of pull
- Power range allows larger range of pull

Pull affected by Radar:

- Pull is not able to target enemies in unknown location
- Squad member line-of-sight allows pull to take effect
- Radar allows for pull to take effect.

Pull affected by Module Rank:

- module rank could increase power and range/angle

Pull affects players as well:

- would allow for synergy with other skills
- would serve as a passive mobility tool (pair with another mobility tool, or
use to help out stragglers, pull up to hard-to-reach places)

By making Pull's effect dependent on Power Range and/or Power Strength, its full potential
is shifted towards mid- and lategame.

- Use of alternate helmets is promoted.
- The Module rank tweak allows for improving new player's experience.
- Use of personal or Aura radar is encouraged. (new option allowing for better tactical use)
- Dependency on a number of mods makes MAG a much harder to maximize frame.
- Higher drawbacks when using Corrupted Mods; possibly impacting late game builds.

Another approach to MAG Pull:

Instead of pulling towards player location, enemies are pulled towards
a target location. Location of the Reticle is 3D coordinate.

- damage component can be reduced without hurting the skill overly much
- superior crowd control and synergy with other warframe abilities
- damage component could result from model/obstacle collision

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Crescent Moon PHOBIE
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pull already has the mod rank effect you mentionned.


pull affected by radar.....not logical at all seeing pull uses magnetic energy


pull affected by weight? well this could be an idea bout would probably be too hard to implement seeing as this game has currently no notion of weight at all.


Also some of those seem to be already in pull mechanics and part of the problem too but for the ones i did not mention i'm not sure so i wont affirm it with certainty

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Honestly I don't really think Mag's pull is that much of a problem. I mean it's certainly strong, but the character is pretty much built around using it. A lot. Crush itself is more of a big, reliable skill that can be used in emergencies. Pull itself is very... generalist, but it has a lot of subltieties to it that really prevent it from necessarily outshining other frames early on. A lot of frames have considerably more powerful/practical skills otherwise and while Mag's pull is certainly convenient, it has a fair number of caveats. Using it carelessly with "big" targets in the region is a recipe for disaster as it pulls a minigunner onto your unaware allies, or a toxic ancient straight into your face (which instantly kills you because it's bloody level 200 and the poison damage could burn a hole in the fabric of space/time) or any other number of things. The main inhibiting functions behind it are that the range doesn't reach it's full potential without stretch, a spammable skill is barely spammable without proper recovery options (streamline/energy siphon) and there's the obvious risks behind incorrect usage. Using it more correctly and safely bears risks as well as the player needs to charge away from their own group in order to allow for a "safe" pull. This requires good affinity ranks for mod space and well-ranked, effective defensive mods to keep one alive against the potential horde of infested or the volley of gunfire.


Honestly is there's any problem with pull, it's in the unreliability of the enemy movement. Enemies touched by it may simply stay in place or they may fly towards you at mach 5, seemingly at random. A more static (non-variable pull) with a somewhat weaker movement modifier would probably be more suitable for the skill, but in terms of power while quite strong it doesn't really excel over any number of other skills. Even Sound Quake, a skill that's considered relatively poor as a damage tool but excellent as a control tool, offers identical damage per energy (300 damage for 25 or 1200 damage for 100) with a superior range (20 radial as opposed to 25 cone) so... I wouldn't really call it "too strong".


Seriously though. Refine the movement function of pull so that it's more consistent and it's fine. Compare it to any other "good" damage/utility skill and it really doesn't shine at all. Arguably the only thing "too strong" about it is the time it takes for targets to get back up, but that's pretty much universally true for any skill that knocks targets down. Even a well-placed jump melee can take an entire swath of high level ancients out of combat for a few seconds.

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Pull affects players as well:

- would allow for synergy with other skills

- would serve as a passive mobility tool (pair with another mobility tool, or

use to help out stragglers, pull up to hard-to-reach places)

Pull v1 was able to do that. It was single-target usage, allowing you to pull heavy mobs out of their groups and finish them first or rescue fallen mates (instead of pulling the crowd away from them). Then DE reworked it and that's what we got. Oh well ...

I still hope that Pull will get another rework (would be v2.2 or so then), so I can either flip a group of enemies around or - if I aim properly - pull a single mate away from danger.

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