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missing loot for stalker [image proof][after mission complete]


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Planet/where: Earth

Mission: Kuva lich node Sabotage

Duration of mission: Roughly ten minutes.

Party Members: 4 

When: Today roughly at 1 pm GMT Tuesday the Tenth of August 2021

Issue: Stalker dropped a super rare smoking body epherema and I was super stoked for it and when I came into my inventory to check the said epeherma it was nowhere to be found. No Lag, and a stable internet connection. I do have a potato pc so please pardon the crappy quality of the screenshots. I have linked here proof of my items via screenshot. Please check it out as it is irrefutable proof of this. https://imgur.com/a/7G1DQtT Thank you for your time. 

IGN: TheLostSlayer


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I believe this to be irrefutable proof as in this screenshots you can see I am using the same kuva bramma, my name is there "TheLostSlayer" and I am using teh same exact color palette and base nezha. (as I cannot afford nezha prime and do not have the relics).

Thank you for your time.

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