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Enemies, Missions, Etc That Need To Be Nerfed,changed Or Fixed.


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Played too long and should've posted it before as there were just too many stupid/annoying things happening in-game.. @_@


(Things may be put in double, etc etc.. just made the post/topic to stop just thinking about it and letting others know :P)



--- Non-Void normal Survival missions.



***Grineer Scorpion

* Change the voice and/or looks to make them less hate-attracting.

* Make them stop spamming pulls if too many are nearby (radius).

- Reason(s);

I find Grineer Scorpions just weird-voice-moaning(when pulling)-useless-....... (you get the point), getting puled 30 times in 30 different directions isn't fun, aswell as the fact that their pull is useless.. especially with Dethcube, it's just instant vaporize=useless pixels, meshes, etc that should've been used for other npc's.



***Grineer Napalm, Bombard, Shield Lancer and Heavy Gunner.

* Like with the Scorpions, give them some radius or whatever that only allows 1 or 2 to use their "annoying" (to nicely put it) knockdown skill.

* Make Shield Lancers have a smaller range at which they can knock you down.. running passed them at like 3-5 feet means they shouldn't even touch you..

- Reason(s);

(With no OP weapons) Try doing any Survival and getting up way high with avarage players in a squad that don't stay together to help each other out.. then later on, try not to waste your revives and try to not get knocked on your butt by 40-60 damn Shield Lancers, Napalms, Bombards, and Heavy Gunners one after the other than getting on you and unleashing their hellish weapons and nukes on you... no offense but I'm not up for that personal space/body abuse... (to put it in a decent way..)




--- Mission hosting, entering, etc..


Since I started playing again some time ago and the amount of normal Survival missions I've done there needs to be some serious changing...

*** Any mission in general...

Make some system that checks after a player logs in whether they are able to host a game without causing massive delay and such or not, causing;

* Loot dropping in slowmotion.

* Enemies going all crazy, can't hit them because they're not on the spot where you see them and shoot at them, or all slow/frozen then racing the area to their correct spot.

* And whatever else on the category..

** How to fix it?;

* Prevent anyone with such problems from hosting, giving them the option to switch to Private or Solo mode if there is no other squad with a better host for them to join.

And please don't think (mean some DE guys) that "PING" "MATTERS"... I've played with friends that got massive high ping or are even from another region that had no issues, than some low ping goes crazy because their pc is from the stone age.. Also, why does it even bother to cry that you can get rejected because the ping setting was too low?.. Make it check for poor pc's/internet.. not Ping as explained a bit above..



*** Survival missions;

The problem with non-void Survival missions is new players.. several things are possible..;

1, They don't check the mission level.

2, They got no clue what on earth they're getting into.

3, Squishy as hell.. with 100-200 shields/hp that won't even last 5 minutes without dying 2-20 times..

4, No knowledge (tutorial survival mission might be handy) on how the Survival missions work.. when to activate the Life Support, when not to as some activate them right away or at 80-90% of the red bar which wastes much needed air time, etc...

A system for this may be handy, something that warns the player if either below a certain rank or if their stats are too low that they either can't enter yet and need to do the tutorial first, at own risk or simply prevents them from entering all together untill they got better equipment. (rather not at owk risk.. explaining next..)


From the 20-70 Survival missions done so far only maybe 5 to 10 have been good. The rest of the time and no offence there is always 1 to 3 rank 0-1 with 100-200 shields/hp in the team.. and they literally drop dead like flies after a few minutes.. kinda ruining it for higher ranked/geared that want to farm keys, mods, etc..

Unless there are at least 2 or 3 players with like, 700+ shields/hp and OP weapons it is know to almost not pass 5-10 minutes and in only such a short time you can't really get that much from the mission..


I don't mind explaining new players how to do Survival missions if there are 1-2 other clan mates in squad that make it worth doing but there should at least be something that either seperates experienced from the newbie, prevents them from entering untill they passed a tutorial, or untill they have the needed stats/gear to even survive for just a short moment..

OR.. add a planet or something else with all the Survival missions in order.. needing previous planets unlocked or a certain rank/level so that players that are new actually feel like they're achieving something else besides a death record..


Oh and yes I'm talking about the very first lowest level Survival on Mercury where they enter all unknowing and die like crazy as squishies..

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The most annoying thing about survival right now for me is that most of new players go for extraction right at the 5 minutes mark.

Sometimes its only one and somehow instantly triggers extraction.


They should finally solve this like those defense mission. 

Timmy wants to go home, because at 10 minutes mark, enemies are to strong for him. As he enters the extraction, it gets triggerd for him leaving us a message that he is gone now.

This opens a new slot for another player. But there has to be some prevention so no other newbie would join and insta leave or die cause of heavy units.


But destroying the fun for other players, just because someone wants to leave? No, please no.

I mean i've seen some really.. "outrageous" things already. 
A player from russia (with good weapons to play at least till 20) is typing something in the chat we other 3 players cant understand and runs towards extraction at the 9 minutes mark. He also made a waypoint which told us he wants to leave. 

We told him he should wait at least till 10 minutes, so we have some more things, but someone else joined him. 

So they triggered extraction at 9:53 minutes..


Also they should separate those players some more.

Most of the time you join an online game in Warframe you'll get connected to someone from somewhere the connection is pure... you know what i want to say.

And i dont want to play Lagframe, i want to play Warframe. So if i want to do this i would need to play Solo or look for more players in the chat.

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I don't mind explaining new players how to do Survival missions if there are 1-2 other clan mates in squad that make it worth doing but there should at least be something that either seperates experienced from the newbie, prevents them from entering untill they passed a tutorial, or untill they have the needed stats/gear to even survive for just a short moment..


It's been mentioned in one of the live streams that they are implementing a better online system where newbies will join others of a similar level, and more experienced players will join those that are more experienced.


I too have been subjected to the 3 team members with 100-200 shields/hp and I completely agree that it sucks.

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They follow the logic, what if Lotus only said a pod is comming, why say activate it? My first survival in the event was like this, most of us follow the logic and after some time, we begun to understand when we should do it and not when she say to do it.

I agreed with your points, but let be honest here, we are the ones misplaced there, vets choose apollodorus bc its more easy to do 20/30 or what ever, prevent any new player to do a mission on a starting system, is rude and doesnt really help new players to get in the mechanics of the game, even worst if they are put only with the same rank.

Yes its dificult when you are put with 3 low ranks and heavys start spawn, but this is something you should be prepared to do, if you think you dont have to do it all the time or what ever, begun to choose higher Tier survival, bc there mostly only high rank run that mission, and to be honest, there is the right place for us with OP weapons.

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Knock-Down in general is an overly used mechanic. Trying to do melee against the Grineer without some kind of anti-cc power or CC of your own is a maddening experiment in suicide, and largely part of the major reason that melee such an ineffectual approach at higher levels. I would like it if the developers thought of new ways for enemies to impede us that wasn't always reliant upon knockdown. I generally agree that the KD spam that can occur at highe levels of enemies needs to be similarly reduced. 

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