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Steam achievements not syncing


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I've started achievement hunting after sisters event came out, but have noticed some of my achiements on steam has not been syncing through. I did not use steam at those times getting those achievements back in the old days, which is the reason it never synced through.

All other achievements that I got while using steam, I got through steam, but not the ones not using steam.

Please note I'm Legendary 1 and got everything ranked up, one can get bored at times and it did annoy me when I noticed the achievements were bugged.

Thanks alot if you guys can fix this for me, if not, I will have to make a new account and get all the way to Mr19 to get 1 achievement.

Current bugged/not synced achievements are:
* The Right Tool For The Job, Obtain 5 Warframes.
* Gold Disciple, Achieve the rank of Gold Disciple.
* Tiger, Achieve the rank of Tiger.
* The War Within, Complete "The War Within".






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