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War Within: Stuck at Certain part/Glitches (Update: Figured it out)


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Based on my experience the controls for this


operator mode with the new void abilities

and whatnot are very poorly implemented and feel wonky, especially compared to the warframe stuff which feels pretty smooth and nice. In particular I don’t understand the dash one, I can’t do it consistently and the energy drain makes it worse. Usually I can manage if it’s pretty level/even or slightly lower, but higher?? I just crash like a meteor and then get the dang “instant death” OR it just chucks me into an abyss of glitch. I awkwardly managed to get through this quest until the


“return  to mountain pass” where you get to the platform thing that you have to “void dash” to proceed.

 The problem is that as mentioned above everything just feels crappy control and consistency wise. And if I miraculously make it to one platform and fail for the next one. I have to AGAIN. I can’t even glide to cushion fall like warframes can. Also sometimes I almost make it BUT I get stuck under the platform and I try to get onto the top but I can’t without falling. There’s not even anything to catch/break your fall. And then every damn time you have to go through that stupid loading screen of “reviving” or whatever it is and it just makes everything even more tedious. I don’t want to be stuck here forever. I didn’t think that trying to use


operator mode stuff

in this “can’t proceed til you finish” quest was going to be so aggravating. I feel hopeless because of this damn quest. If the controls felt more smooth or there wasn’t such an unforgiving jump/void dash requirement (then fail the moment you mess up)…I’d probably be out of here by now. I even tried to use an alternative way/shortcut by getting to the big ledge so I can go straight to the 3rd platform but getting there is super annoying so it’s still barely a solution because I still fail too easily and have to climb back up. If I could have at least spawned when I finally succeeded on the platform I could at least retry from there and not be stuck trying to do it again only to fail, or if shortcut/alt was easier to get to, or if the jumping or dash thing let you cushion your fall with something like warframe’s glide, or if there were more platforms to close the gaps so falling is less frequently, or if we had access to switch to warframes so we can comfortably jump and glide… I am stuck here alone, unable to quit and move on and return later (as in regular gameplay). It’s very frustrating. I wanted to enjoy this but I can’t, I just want it to be over.


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