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Where do you get kuva liches now?


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Cassini is still one of the best places but people often forget the secondary reason a larvling won't spawn

  1. mission must be level 20+
  2.  when the screen dims/flashes you have to kill 10 enemies within 1 minute to fully trigger the spawn. Sentinel/pet kills don't count for this

I had to actually start using telesto because on cassini if you capture the target too early you will run out of spawns to kill due to the anti-abuse system put in place to prevent infinite spawns after capturing a target.

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16 hours ago, (PSN)shiwan8 said:

Thanks everyone. 

i wish they’d do a similar thing to these as they did to sisters, ie. there being clear way to get one with zero margin of error if you jump through the necessary hoops. 

yeah I wish they'd drop the 10 kills in one minute requirement since you can just.... not choose to make a kuva lich once it spawns. I see no reason why they shouldn't just consistently spawn without that hoop.

Not a huge of fan of granum void for sisters though, but that's more because it takes so much longer. Coins aren't going to really be a problem for anyone but current vets as newer players will have grabbed a whole bunch clearing the starchart and steel path.

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On 2021-08-11 at 12:51 AM, YUNoJump said:

I usually run Adaro on Sedna (or whatever the exterminate mission is). It takes longer than a Capture, but there's no chance that a Larvling won't spawn.

if you kill too slow after the screen blur, the larvling can still fail to spawn.

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