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Lich bug please help


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today i kill my first lich and afther the mission it bug. 

my problem is same as this photo. it show all 3 spell is correct, but it still alive.unknown.png?width=1246&height=701

you also cant find him on the map. but is still show on right hand corner.


what can i do now?? if i do any mission he still stealing my resource.....

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This isn't a bug, now Kuva liches, when vanquished, run to a Veil Saturn railjack mission. You can see a lich icon on the railjack button on the top right of your starchat screenshot.

I do feel that the fact you thought this to be a bug shows that DE did something wrong here, in that there's not a big enough indication that this is the case, it just looks like the lich is gone. They should add a voiceover or two of the lich panicking and saying he's retreating there, both right after getting the right combination and when you return to your orbiter later.

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