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Question about the damage caused by Ignis


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In a survival mission combating with 60-80 level enemies consisting of other 3 players.

I used low-level Ignis without any mod, but sometimes it would cause at least 200k yellow damage and 200k blue damage to a group of enemies, the highest one could be over 1 million, and those damage seemed to be counted into my overall damage statistics. Unfortunately, I didn't get a screenshot of that issue, but it seemed to be more common when I shot at the ground with Ignis.

I am still new to this game, and I checked some online information and found nobody had the same issue with me. Could someone explain that for me, please? Thanks.

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"Banshee emits a sound wave and reveals the location of every enemy within 35 meters. Tracked enemies will be visible on every player's mini-map, and each enemy will have a body part highlighted. These effects last for 30 seconds. Hitting an enemy in the highlighted area causes the inflicted damage to be multiplied by 500%."


^More-than-likely this.

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