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Warframe Abilities In Mod Pack!?


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So, I just went and bought myself a dragon mod pack, on the off chance that I might get a mod or two that I don't already have (being experienced but not to the point where I can look at any person's mod setup and go 'oh yes, I have ten of those' in a posh British accent), and instead of getting any mods that I could conceivable use to help with weapons or general frame usefulness, I ended up with 2 Ice Balls, 1 Contagion, 1 Blade Storm and 1 Teleport.


I don't mean to sound like I'm just blatantly complaining, because I have bought mod packs every now and then, and sometimes I've gotten useful things. But really? All five are frame abilties? I just spent 90 Plat (I think, or is it 75? Anyway, not the point) to get 5 mods. I would like to think that at least one of them would be useful to me! I'm not saying take them out completely, because sometimes it's good to have a spare Blade Storm for the occasional 'throw in all my mods for fusions', but could we limit it to perhaps 1, if any, warframe abilities?


And yes, I get, RNG hates me, but really? It's not like I'm blatantly gambling my mods away like in transmutation. I would just like to believe that if I'm going to spend my money on something in game, it would actually be able to benefit me in ways other than 'oh look, a spare 10 mod card for fusions'.


Has anyone else had RNG hate them so badly?

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