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Necramech Interaction with Ivara's Stealth Arrow Is Bugged


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I've only encountered this the once but will be attempting to reproduce it and will update if I find it's easily reproducible. I was piloting the Voidrig with two friends during the Thermia Fractures event and one shot me with Ivara's stealth arrow, rendering my Necramech permanently invisible (to the point that the model wouldn't render for anyone except me, and only when I was piloting it). Enemy behavior seemed to suggest this wasn't just a display bug as the enemies did not seem to take hostile action or acknowledge the Necramech unless I was standing on top of something they were already attacking, though I can't fully confirm this.

Not sure if this is specific to Ivara's arrow or if this is a more general mis-interaction between the Necramech and invisibility, will have to test with any other forms that can be applied to the Necramech as well, tho I'm unsure how many there are.

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Recreatable as host, client and solo. (PC only)

1st encounter: Orb Vallis (Host but alone)
I was host doing excavation mission, shot stealth arrow to see if I could hide the excavator (Necramech was next to it), Jumped into Necramech and was invisible. (I did not realise how I did it)
2nd encounter: Orb Vallis (Client)
I jumped into someone else's world and messed around with invisibility shooting arrows and Ivara's 3 skill then tried shooting objects, then went on to shoot bounty person by the entrance of Fortuna then was able to recreate it.
3rd encounter: Orb Vallis (Solo)
Video recorded it https://youtu.be/X8j1TIQ35wQ 1st minute explains and shows it, then I ramble as I run to prove it's not just visual.

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