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Mastery rank 30


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So I failed my mastery rank 30 test because there was an enemy that I had killed but the mark didn’t disappear and I’ve tried to contact warframe in particular but no one has responded in the past week, and I had to wait a full 24 hours for me to take the test again but there’s a big issue with the test itself and I need to contact DE personally but there seems to be no place to do so. Starting to really get fed up with this game and the people who made it. I’ve been here since the game came out and I still feel like they do not have our interest and needs in their thoughts when changing the game. I’m a disabled player that struggles to keep up sometimes but apparently I am not the only one having issues with this stupid test. They should have nerfed the test like they nerfed our best weapons.

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On 2021-12-04 at 5:23 PM, (PSN)Wolf-Shaman1 said:

Health wasn’t the issue. It was the rate at which the life support dropped and the amount of enemies I had to kill in a short time.

Spot on. I have failed this test for this reason at least 20 to 30 times trying to qualify. I lost count of my practice attempts. Should be called Mastery Luck 30 test. My best guess is that this test is doable if and only if enemies spawn and drop life support modules in a favorable pattern. If this was an earlier Mastery Rank test I would not be playing Warframe any more.

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